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Our minds are the source of our beliefs, intentions, ideas and actions. Nothing happens in our experience that doesn’t start as a thought or notion then to become action. When we work with the mind we are really working with the entire body as our body always will tell us the truth of any situation or experience, if we listen. The Mind/Body connection is the Souls’ way of communicating with the Human Being part of ourselves. When all three components are in alignment with each other we allow ease into our experiences. When there is a disconnect in the system we manifest fears, illness, or injury and these become our experience of being Human.


In the practice of Intuitive Counselling, Energy Work and Massage our intention is to re-align our Mind/Body and Soul connections so there is flow again throughout the system. Emotional and physical trauma, old, restrictive beliefs and emotions and residue from this and Other Lifetimes can hinder our growth, if we allow them to. As we become conscious of our ways of thinking and feeling that are keeping us stuck in limiting energy patterns we release the need to hold on to feeling powerless. Instead, we step into our Authentic Selves, giving ourselves permission to be healthy, happy and wise – however that looks to each of us.


This is the work I do, the space I hold for each persons' unique journey to Well Being. Healing happens when each of us is ready to release that in our lives and experiences that is not in our Higher Good. Whether it is to hear the words of guidance from our Energy Beings and Loved Ones, tap into the Oracles, allow Energy Healing or tell your story, you are the Healer and I am the Facilitator. It is my honour to hold space for your Inner Knowing to exert itself as you move through this Human Being experience in relationship with your Soul Being.

The one instrument which is more important than any other is the mind, not the brain...  The meeting place of the inner and outer senses…The mind is distributed throughout the entire physical body…it is here that the secrets of the universe will be discovered, and the mind itself is the tool of discovery.
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